The Ging FAQ

1. What is Ging?

Ging is a Live system that you can burn on a CD. It is based on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD (which, as its time, is based on Debian, GNU and the kernel of FreeBSD).

Ging consists entirely of free software (as per Debian Free Software Guidelines) and has a commitment to remain this way.

2. Where are the screenshots?

Here are mines. The people at Softpedia also made some that look realy nice.

3. What does "Ging" stand for?

It stands for "Ging Is Not Ging". It is one of the first recursive acronyms with an implicit contradiction.

4. Where can I obtain Ging?

Use the links below:

5. Can I catch you at IRC?

Yes, we hang in #debian-kbsd at OFTC.

6. How to build an image?

Use the scripts from glibc-bsd svn repository (check, in trunk/web/ging/.